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Hi! I’m Carter Janik, a hobbyist 2D animator, artist, and designer, and I take lots of pride in my work. I have lots of amazing and talented friends, and I always try to be the brightest I can be (maybe that’s why I chose a lamp for my objectsona)!


My next birthday is in...



    The main focus of my YouTube channel is animations/cartoons. I mostly make animations that pertain to anthropomorphic object characters, and they can vary a lot in length. More about my original characters (object or not) can be found below.I also enjoy making logo remakes and other tests to try out Adobe Animate and push it to its limits. I also occasionally animate on my iPad with Flipaclip if I ever just feel like it.Below is a playlist of all of my animations on YouTube!

    Art & Design

    Another thing I really enjoy is digital art. I just love the feel of experimenting with colors and shading and just having everything seamlessly blend in. Combined with special effects, it's just a fantastic feeling for me to sit back and look at what I've made. I'm glad people who enjoy my work feel the same way, too.I also have a fondness for graphic design and 3D rendering for the same reasons. It’s just so satisfying when every tiny detail (even the lighting!) comes together perfectly.Below are some of my best recent works of art and design!

    Original Characters

    Below are all of my original characters that I currently use (names are below).If you’d like to know more about them, I’ve made an interactive presentation (with the help of Midnight) detailing their personalities, interests, and even creation dates!
    You can view that here.

    Stills of StudioCRJ’s current OCs

    Work for Others

    Besides my own original creations, I also work on the following object shows, usually as an animator, graphic designer, illustrator, story artist, and/or editor/compositor.
    Note that some shows I am in the crew for are not known to the public, so they’ll be omitted from this list.
    Brawl for Paradise — by Mewanimates
    Community Venture — by coke corporation
    Just Another Object Show — by Zakaroni
    LShark’s Other Gameshow — by AlphaBlitz
    Object Feud — by SnowyPackel
    Objective Criticism — by DanDaMiniFig
    SHOW’S OVER — by Punch Holer
    United and Divided — by Lenacakess
    Village of Objects — by Vince D. and Alex L.


    Consider supporting me—and the work I do—on Ko-fi!!
    You have several options for donating to me:
    COMMISSIONS • Pay for your own, customizable pieces of art by me! I’ll be allowing different art styles and your OCs in the piece. You’ll have to pay once the sketch is done, and then you’ll get an non-watermarked, high-quality image once everything is complete.
    MEMBERSHIP TIERS • Get benefits by supporting me monthly, including special credits in projects, roles on my Discord server, digital downloads, and much more!
    DONATIONS • If you’d like to simply donate small amounts of money to me, I appreciate that as well! If you donate during one of my streams, your name will show up in the stream, too!
    All donations are greatly appreciated and go towards my family’s health and well-being. :]
    So what are you waiting for?


    My name is Carter Janik, and I am male and use he/him for my pronouns. I like to make animations and run my YouTube channel (obviously), draw and illustrate, voice chat with my Discord friends, play Minecraft and Roblox, tinker around with technology, and lots more. I also take interest in graphic design, fonts and typography, logos (and their histories), all things Blender and 3D, music, and lots more.

    Discord Status

    ONLINE • Actively checking Discord. I could also be doing anything else on my device, like animating, drawing, etc.
    IDLE • Usually when I’m away from my devices and doing something else. This could also be used when I want to concentrate on something and I have to stop checking Discord in order to do so.
    DO NOT DISTURB • Usually when I have to stop checking Discord for a very important reason. Examples include if I’m at school, taking a test, having an important discussion, or when I’m about to sleep/wake up. I may also use this if I don’t want to be disturbed by any notifications or incoming calls.
    OFFLINE • Usually when I’m sleeping or don’t have access to any of my devices.
    Keep in mind that I frequently forget to change my status, so interpret these loosely!



    I’ve made some of my resources available for public use. I’ve included some character assets, stills, and other relevant images! You’re free to use these for any fan creations, but please give credit where credit is due!
    You can download them here.


    For animation / video production, I use:Notepad++ or Google Docs to write scripts and other documents
    Audacity to record and edit audio
    4K Video Downloader to download videos from YouTube
    Adobe Animate 2021 for animations, art, and design (especially for branding purposes)
    Swivel to export .SWF files as video files (in certain optimal cases)
    HandBrake to encode/compress videos for easier uploading
    Adobe Photoshop 2021 for more advanced artwork and designs
    Adobe Premiere Pro 2021 to edit video/audio further
    Opera GX for web browsing and video uploading
    OBS Studio to livestream to YouTube and record my screen


    As for the typefaces I use when designing anything relating to myself, I use:Saira • for any sCRJ-related designs (including this text!)
    Gotham • for MOTM designs